Crestview Kids Club

Crestview Community Church welcomes children to their after school program on Wednesdays from 4:30 p.m. until 6 p.m. Six to eight week sessions are held in the fall, winter and spring with a Vacation Bible School in the summer.

Activities are designed for children from 3 years of age to the sixth grade and structured around the the Deep Blue curriculum by Abingdon Press.




A Typical Club Meeting—Large Group, Small Group

The kids Jump In to the days theme by choosing from a variety activities that involve playing games, drawing, crafting, solving puzzles and more. A light, healthy snack is served.

Then everyone gathers in a large group to Dive Deeper. The kids discover the Bible lesson by singing, visiting with the video animated Deep Blue crew and reciting key Bible verses.

Finally the The kids divide into small Grow Stronger groups where leaders challenge them to look more closely at the Bible lesson and apply it to their lives.




Special Events

From time to time the kids are invited to attend special gatherings such as Family Advent Adventure and Easter Egg Hunt Party.

Extended Kids’ Club meetings allow us to enjoy a special guest or include time for activities such as a shared meal with family members and/or the Crestview congregation.





Information Form

Crestview Church keeps a confidential form for each child that contains important contact information and helps leaders be aware of medical conditions, allergies or any special needs. Leaders will do everything possible to accommodate individual needs. A parent or responsible adult will be asked to fill out a form prior to their child’s participation in Kids’ Club.

Get on the Address List

Postcards, emails and occasionally phone calls, go out to keep families informed about upcoming club sessions and special events. Call the church office at 724-538-8559 to have your family included.