Partnership in Mission


Malawi Partnership between Crestview and Chipola

Malawi Partnership through the Mission Committee of the Crestview Community Church PCUSA with the endorsement of the Beaver-Butler Presbytery Mission Unit is an exciting opportunity of international exchange and Christian support through Crestview members and Chipola Church members.

Chuck Cahall visited Malawi as a mission volunteer in 2004 to help with the irrigation of a large community garden in the town of Domsi.  The irrigation system was fed water by a pipeline engineered and designed by Aubrey Briggs.  

 After this initial trip by Cahall there have been two exchanges with a group of 5 church members going to Malawi and two Malawians coming to Crestview as recently as September 2010. 


Pictures of Billy and Eric at Marburger's Farm Dairy located between Callery and Evans City.