Community Prayer List

Worship is at 11:00 A.M.

Crestview is a praying congregation asking God to help us in meeting a variety of joys and concerns experienced each and everyday.  To place someone on our prayer list contact the church office by phone 724-528-8559 or by e-mail and it will also be placed in our weekly bulletin listing.

We are praying for the following persons, si tuations, & you!

Crestview Community Church Prayer List


Our Troops

Tom Schoeffel

Carol Larkin


Vivian Pierce 

Karen Mueller Family

Brad Bennett

Joyce Krebs

Evelynn Gandy Family

Sammons/Kummer Family



Government Leaders

Chiphoola Church

Mark Hare, Haiti

Jenny Bent, Dom. Rep.

Larry Weinel


       Jack Karasacka

       Ruby Detweiler

       Betty Beechum

Bill Littlemeyer















Kay Day Rwanda

Cathy Pritts Kidd

Alina Mojica

Henry Iman
Barbara  Moore
Christine DeHart

Owen James
Dave Rudzki
Daryoal Ondick