News and Events

Evans City Ministerium Coffee

Abusa Lomax and Pastor Bob will have a noon time coffee with area pastors in Evans City.

Small Group Dinner

Kelly Rader will host a small group dinner at 6 p.m.  Giving time for Crestview friends to get to know Abusa Lomax our African guest from Malawi.

Visit to Evans City Food Bank

Abusa Lomax and Pastor Bob will be visiting the Evans City Food Bank for our African friend to see first hand how we care for people locally.

Partnership Luncheon

Abusa Lomax will travel to Pittsburgh for a Partnership Luncheon with Malawians and South Sudanese visiting the Pittsburgh area.  He will then travel to Ligonier for a retreat with the other Africans visitors.  

Fall Foliage Outing

This will be at Moraine State Park at 11 a.m.  

Worship with Partnership Celebration

Worship at 11 a.m. with participation in celebrating our partnership with Chiphoola Church in Malawi.  Abusa Lomax will help us celebrate our friendship!  Afterward we will have our Chili Cook-Off to enjoy.

Final Partnership Dinner

will be held at Mosaic Church on North Side at 5 p.m.

Final Day for Abusa Lomax

he will visit with Gregg Hartung about being a Mayor and find out about Presbyterian Media Mission.